Prepare for a Crisis with CPR-C Healthcare Provider Training

In our current global condition, with the Covid-19 virus causing great concern in communities around the world, First Responders would like to help prepare our Lower Mainland healthcare communities for crisis response situations.

There are many ways healthcare providers can better arm themselves with knowledge and skills, bring peace of mind to potential concerning circumstances, and feeling confident in their abilities at the same time.

CPR-C Healthcare Provider with AED Training

At First Responders in Surrey, we offer CPR-C Healthcare Provider Training weekly, ensuring medical professionals – such as nurses, can coordinate with EMS personnel during a medical emergency.

Whether dealing with a life and death situation, or simply helping a patient feel safe during perilous times, CPR-C training can layer in the added training needed to ensure those at risk are being cared for in an optimal manner.

Efficient leadership and confidence as a healthcare provider requires prioritizing training, having a plan in place as a healthcare facility, and preparing for a variety of potential crisis. Turning a medical emergency into a well-orchestrated event reduces risks to both patients and facilities, and we’re here to help you acquire this know-how.

Training Helps Maintain Reputation

Reputation is of utmost importance, both for a healthcare facility, as well as for a healthcare provider, so aiming to avoid damage by all means necessary is simply a wise decision.

To that end, training and actions plans should be in place before disaster strikes in order to maintain the confidence of staff and patients, keeping professional and personal environments in a positive light and minimize potential damage to an organization or individual.

Ways to Prepare for a Healthcare Crisis

Develop a Crisis Plan – as the old saying goes: “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” and that is increasingly true when it comes to a healthcare crisis.

Planning ahead is essential for success, from organizing a crisis management team who are well rehearsed in their roles, to training in Healthcare Provider CPR-C with AED + HCP, along with rehearsing crisis communication after such training. Being prepared as a team and as an individual matters in a crisis, and a combination of leadership and technical skills will help greatly during difficult times.

Curious to know more about our First Responders training programs in Surrey? Give us a call at 1-866-461-7533, or drop us an email. We would love to answer any questions you might have, and help you gain essential life-saving skills in a time of increased importance around the world!

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